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There are classes for everyone starting at three year old through sixth grade. The children are taught the Bible by good Christians who love the Lord and are knowledgeable in the Word of God. They learn all of the major Bible stories with visual aids and enthusiastic teaching, with practical application. The classes at present are:


*Beginner’s Class – Three year old through kindergarten.

*First – Third Grade Class

*Fourth – Sixth Grade Class


Many children, adults, and families are brought to church each week through the bus ministry. Many of these children are underprivileged, and the love of Christ that they receive through the bus ministry is the highlight of their week. This ministry is staffed by numbers of volunteer Christians who love people.


If you or someone you know would like to ride our bus to church, call our church office at 440-257-0007 or contact our bus ministry by email.

Vacation Bible School is an intensive time during their summer break, for children to learn the truths of the Word of God, memorize numbers of verses, and win many prizes during the circus time.

Each year there is a theme centered around a Bible truth. Verses that relate to this theme are learned, puppets help reinforce these truths and Pastor Hilditch preaching some very practical Bible messages at the children’s level. The kids have a great time as well as learning how to live properly.


The Children’s Choir, first through sixth grade, practices every Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. They learn character-building, Scriptural songs which they sing each month in the worship service to praise and glorify the Lord. They sometimes join with the Adult Choir during special days. The choir is a great way to learn the fundamentals of music as the children serve the Lord.

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